About Me

Hello there!


I am Stacey.  Or Stace.  Stace really fits my personality better, I think, and it’s what most people call me, so that’s what I’m going to go with.  I am a thirty-something crafter and prospective blogger (if I can remember to update this) who is currently between jobs.  However, according to tonight’s fortune cookie, that should change soon.  I’m also a new homeowner who is slowly but surely finding her design style.  I am a pop culture junky and my brain enjoys soaking up random bits of trivia.


My SO is a hard-working former US Marine, current National Guardsman whose collection of military equipment and gear rivals my yarn stash.  We met on AOL, New Year’s Eve 1998.  Our first in-person date came not quite a month later and we’ve been together ever since.  There were talks of getting married in ’12 (there usually is, every year or two), but we decided to buy a house instead.


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