Yarn and rosettes and ribbon, oh my!

To anyone that knows me, it’s clear that I have a crafting addiction.  I can’t get enough of it and I really do enjoy a variety of projects.  I crochet.  I’m learning to knit (or trying to at least). I sew, mostly home items like pillow covers and curtains.  I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty when it comes to a project and, in all honesty, I always just feel better when I’ve got something physical to show for my work.  There was a point in time a few years ago when I was simply too busy, too tired and too broke to do much crafting at all; my extremely limited down time consisted of falling asleep in front of the television.  That was, quite possibly, the most miserable time of my adult years and the moment I was able to get to a Michael’s and find some lovely wool-blend yarn and a crochet hook, I felt much, much better.  I was still stressed out, but the simple act of just starting a project was enough to improve my mood.   It’s a stress-relieving tactic I use still.

But you’re not here to be regaled with a lengthy diatribe about how I find personal satisfaction in the act of creation, are you?

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Fall Wreaths all around!

I freely admit to being inspired by Pinterest to break further out of my crafting shell.  There are just so many incredible projects that people are working on!  I can’t help but look at my feed and be inspired.  With the summer winding down, and a new house to decorate, I thought it was time to jump on the yarn wreath bandwagon and create a new, fall-themed wreath for our front door.

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